Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Manures - Egg Lime Formulation (Muttai Rasam)

As part of our Agriculture for Everybody blog series,  we are going to see Egg Lime Formulation (Muttai Rasam).

Required Ingredients

S.No.Ingredient NameQty in Litres/Kgs/Nos
1Lime20-25 Nos
2Jaggery250 Grams
3Egg (Chicken or Duck)10-15 Nos

Method of Preparation
  1. Cut the Lime and extract the juice into a bucket.
  2. Dissolve the Jaggery and mix it with the Lime Juice to form a solution.
  3. Place the eggs as it is into the bottom of the bucket and ensure that the eggs are not floating.
  4. Close the bucket with an air tight lid and place it in a shaded place for 10 days.
  5. On the 10th day, the eggs along with the shells inside the solution would have become rubbery, like a rubber ball.
  6. Mix the eggs along with the shell well in the lime and jaggery solution.
  7. Now find out the number of litres of solution arrived at.
  8. Add equal amount of Jaggery solution alone to this.
  9. Again, close the bucket with an air tight lid and place it in a shaded place for 10 days.
  10. The solution is ready to be used after this.

Method of Storage
  1. The manure should be kept in air tight bucket and placed in a shaded and cool place.

How long can we store the Manure?
  1. The manure can be stored for 6 months period.

How to use the Manure?
  1. Spray System - The manure can be applied as a foliar spray.
  2. Flow System - The solution of manure can be mixed with irrigation water, either through drip irrigation or flow irrigation.
  • Dilute 15 ml of Egg Lime Formulation to be diluted with 1 Litre of Water before applying.
  • The Egg Lime Formulation can also be used along with Panchakavya or Vermiwash.
When to use the Manure?
  1. Generally, it is accepted that every 15 days the manure can be applied.
  2. The manure should be sprayed only in the early morning or late evenings.


  1. Advantage of using this Egg lime formulation manure, plz tell

    1. Egg Lime Formulation is an excellent plant growth promoter in crops.