Friday, 5 December 2014

Integrated Pest Management - Light Traps

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, as part of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we will discuss Light Traps in this blog and their need for it.

Which crops need Light Traps?
  1. Generally, field crops like cereals (rice, maize, sorghum), millets, pulses (chickpea, pigeonpea, lentil, greengram), flowers, vegetables (okra, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, brinjal) etc require Light Traps
  2. Even horticultural crops (mango, litchi, pomegranate, apple, guava, coconut, banana) require Light Traps
How many Light Traps are required per acre?
  1. 2 (Two) Light Traps are required per acre
Which stages of the crop require Light Traps?
  1. Each and every stage of the crop require Light Traps meaning from the beginning of the planting of the crop until the end of the harvest (for short term crops)
What time should the Light Traps be activated?
  1. Light Traps need to be switched on or made available from 6 pm to 9 pm when the pests are most active
What are the different colours of Lights used in Light Traps?
  1. Black Lights (Bulbs that emit Ultra Violet Wavelengths) - Best Option
  2. Blue Lights
  3. White Incandescent Lights (or Fluorescent Bulbs)
  4. Yellow Lights
  5. Green Lights
  6. Red Lights
What should be the height of the Light Traps?
  1. Generally, it is advised that the Light Traps be placed atleast 3 ft to 6 ft above the ground
What is the distance between the Light Traps?
  1. Optimally, the Light Traps should be of equi-distance from one another
What problem is solved by Light Traps?
  1. Light Traps acts as a warning sign on the build up of the pests
  2. Light Traps control the next generation of pests as the parents are destroyed
What are the options in Light Traps?
  1. Three Options are available
    • Oil Lamps (For example, Kerosene Lamp)
    • Electrical Lamps
    • Battery Operated Lamps
What is the disadvantage of Light Traps?
  1. Light Traps trap even the beneficial insects and hence can be a disadvantage at times