Saturday, 19 September 2015

How to collect Desi or Local or Native or Indigenous Earthworms?

As part of our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, we are going to see the way to collect Local or Native or Indigenous Earthworms.

  1. Identify worm-inhabited soils marked by visible earthworm castings on the soil surface
  2. The identified place should be of 1.0 m X 0.5 m or 1.0 m X 1.0 m size
  3. Take 20 Litres of Water + 500 Grams of Jaggery (Native Sugar or Unrefined Sugar or Brown Sugar or Karrupatti) + 500 Grams of Fresh Cow Dung
  4. Dissolve the Jaggery in the Water along with the Fresh Cow Dung and mix them well
  5. Once dissolved properly, sprinkle the concoction on the previously identified place
  6. Cover the place first with straw (Rice or Wheat or similar) and small lumps of cattle dung and on top of it cover the place with Jute Bag or Gunny Bag.  Mainly the Jute Bag is to ensure that birds do not eat the earthworms
  7. Sprinkle water for 20-30 days daily in the morning and evening time on the covered bag to keep the place moist
  8. You should be able to get earthworms after this.  This will be in hundreds only
  9. You should collect the earthworms along with a little bit of the soil with it for better retaining them
  10. If you want more earthworms, you should do the same in a bigger area

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