Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Manures - Herbal Tea

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, we are going to see Herbal Tea.

Required Ingredients

S.No.Ingredient NameQty in Litres/Kgs
1Fresh Cow Dung5 Kgs
3Jaggery250 Grams
2Medicinal PlantsRequired Qty
4Big Stone or Brick1 Number
5Water3/4 of Drum size

  • Any Medicinal Plants like Neem, Nochi, Custard Apple leaves.
Method of Preparation
  1. Have a Water Drum filled with 3/4 of water.
  2. Place all the above mentioned items (1 to 4) inside a jute sack, tie the mouth of the sack tightly with a rope and immerse it inside the water.
  3. Shake the sack, holding the free end of the rope two times everyday in such a way that the contents inside the sack mix well with the water (similar to the tea bags immersed in milk).
  • Water Drum can be made of Iron, Plastic or Cement Tank.
  • The manure will be ready after 1 week.

Method of Storage
  1. The manure should be kept in the shade and covered with a wire mesh or plastic mosquito net to prevent houseflies from laying eggs and the formation of maggots (worms) in the solution. This is applicable during the preparation as well as during the shelf life of the manure as well.

How long can we store the Manure?
  1. Not Applicable

How to use the Manure?
  1. Spray System - The manure can be applied as a foliar spray.
  2. Flow System - The solution of manure can be mixed with irrigation water, either through drip irrigation or flow irrigation.
Note: Dilute 1 Litre of the manure with 9 Litres of water before applying.

When to use the Manure?
  1. Generally, it is accepted that every 15 days the manure can be applied.

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