Monday, 13 January 2014

Allied Activities

The Home Page will serve as the main page for Plants & General Discussion, the Allied Activities Page will serve as the main page for others.

As usual, this page has been created keeping in view the focus of the author which is Tamilnadu, India.  Only those allied activities which are being carried out in TN will be listed here and discussed as well.

To start with, I am listing the Allied Activities that are being carried out in TN and are known to me.
  1. Livestock
    1. Cow Farming
    2. Buffalo Farming
    3. Goat Farming
    4. Sheep Farming
    5. Pig Farming
    6. Rabbit Farming
  2. Poultry
    1. Country Chicken Farming
    2. Turkey Farming
    3. Quail Farming
    4. Duck Farming
    5. Goose Farming
    6. Pigeon Farming
    7. Guinea Fowl Farming
  3. Fisheries
    1. Carp Fish
    2. Murrel Fish
    3. Cat Fish
    4. Tilapia Fish
  4. Sericulture (a.k.a Silkworm Rearing)
  5. Bee Farming
  6. Mushroom Farming
  7. Misc
    1. Fodder Trees for Livestock
  8. Websites
    1. EthnoVet Practices
    2. Indian Indigenous Cattle -
    3. Govt of Tamilnadu - Fisheries Department -
    4. Govt of Tamilnadu - Fisheries Department - Fish Seed Available Places-
    5. Govt of India recognised Indigenous Livestock Database -
    6. Tamilnadu Regional Cattle -

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