Friday, 27 September 2013

Manures - Fermented Buttermilk & Coconut Milk Solution

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, we are going to see a manure that can easily be made and can be used even for home based Vegetables & Crops.

Required Ingredients

S.No.Ingredient NameQty in Litres/Kgs
1Fermented Buttermilk5 Litres
2Coconut Milk5 Litres

  • For Home Use, instead of huge volumes, it is okay to have less volume by maintaining the ratio 1:1.
  • Please note that the stick (neem stick is better or any pole) used for mixing the ingredients should be cleaned before & after the usage so as to avoid maggots formations in the manure.

Method of Preparation
  1. Mix both the Fermented Buttermilk & Coconut Milk and keep them in a shaded place for 1 week.

Method of Storage
  1. The manure should be kept in the shade and covered with a wire mesh or plastic mosquito net to prevent houseflies from laying eggs and the formation of maggots (worms) in the solution. This is applicable during the preparation as well as during the shelf life of the manure as well.

How long can we store the Manure?
  1. Not Applicable

How to use the Manure?
  1. The manure needs to be sprayed after mixing 1 Litres of manure with 10 Litres of Water.

When to use the Manure?
  1. The manure should be mixed thoroughly twice daily (in the morning & evening) and should be used after 1 week only for better results.
  2. The manure should be applied during the flowering stage.

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  1. Excellent site with lot of information and as a beginner in gardening at home I am very much thankful to the people involved in this activity.