Monday, 12 August 2013

Farm Design - Design One (Ver 1.0)

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, I am presenting the overall farm design and will keep explaining things in detail as we go along.

We will cover the Fence Design, Crops Design, Roads Design in detail by using this picture as a base and later we will cover Livestock Sheds & Living Quarters, if possible.

By using the design, we will know the following:-
  • How much land will be utilized for fencing? (Applicable only for Natural/Live/Bio Fencing model)
  • What type of plants are grown in which part of the fencing area? (Very useful for tracking as it can be utilized for our own manures & pesticides)
  • How much area of roads needs to be provided for?
  • What is the size of each road and what type of vehicles can be allowed to travel in that road without interfering/damaging the crops?
  • What type of plant is grown in which part of the land?

Design One (Ver1.0)

The picture given above is in Square Shape and should be considered as an illustration only and other farms which have different shapes can also incorporate this design easily without any difficulty.

Few Points to note are given below:-

  1. The Crops should be planted from East to West keeping in mind the sun's direction.
  2. The Livestock shed construction should also be constructed in such a way that the entrance to the shed is either from the South or North.  Also, the entire shed (length) should be from East to West.  This will reduce the heat from the sun to a greater extent.