Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Looking for Answers

I am looking for the right place to get answers for the following questions that I have in mind for a long time.

  1. What is the Average Profit / Per Acre / Per Year for the crops? This data will help the farmers to select the appropriate number of crops rather than a single crop.
  2. What is the crown size of the plants? To determine the optimal distance between the rows and between each tree.
  3. What is the root depth and root width of the plants?  This data will help to understand the competition between the roots of the crops for water and nutrients.
  4. What are the shade-loving crops? This data will help the farmers to choose the inter-crop while having large shade in their plantations.
  5. What are the crops that be kept for a long time (how many months/years) after harvest?  This data can help the farmers to choose the crops and sell the produce at the right time.
  6. What are the timbers trees and their growth period?
Is there any pointers available on the net for the above questions?  If anybody has information, please pass them on.

Please note that the above queries are related to India specific crops and hence require information in  regards to crops that are grown in India.

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