Thursday, 31 October 2013

Farm Design - Design One (Ver 3.0)

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, we will be covering an important design aspect by which rain water is harvested as part of the design. Water as a resource is becoming scarce and every farmer needs to ensure that water is saved for future use.

We can easily incorporate Rain Water Harvesting in this design without much difficulty.

Each of the Trees Space can be utilized for this purpose.  We need to dig  trenches of size 2 Ft Width and 1.5 Ft Depth and the Length is the entire length of the Trees Space.  This method of farming is called Trench Farming.  Please note that the Trees are grown in these trenches only.

  • The advantage of this method of Rain Water Harvesting is that we do not have to sacrifice/allocate land for the purpose of Rain Water Harvesting separately.
  • It helps reduce soil erosion due to rains/water run-off.
  • Improves the ground water levels.
  • During the non rainy season, we can use the trenches for putting the broken twigs, fallen branches of trees, leaves etc and this will become compost.

Please note that the excess water after filling the trenches, if any, should be collected in wells, ponds etc or should be made to leave the farmland in a graceful manner.

Note:  Rain Water Harvesting is possible only when there is a Run-Off of Rain Water.

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