Friday, 1 February 2013

Choosing the Right Combination of Crops - Single Harvest & Multiple Harvest Crops

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, we will explore "Choosing the Right Combination of Crops".  The farmers can use this as a filter to choose the right combination of crops.  The filter in this blog is "Single Harvest & Multiple Harvest Crops".

What do I mean by Single Harvest & Multiple Harvest Crops?

Any crop that provides harvest only for one time is considered Single Harvest Crop.

For example, Paddy, Sugarcane, Banana, Teak, Groundnut etc

Multiple Harvest Crops are those crops that provide multiple harvests and not just once.

For example, Tomato, Coconut, Mango, Guava, Flowering Trees etc

Is it necessity to go for only Single Harvest or Multiple Harvest Crops?  Does one exclude the other?

Simply putting it, both are necessary.

In a Single Harvest Crop, you may need to repeat the same activities (from sowing to harvesting) every time.

In a Multiple Harvest Crop, the activities will almost be similar to Single Harvest Crop in the intial stages but maintenance and harvest will differ.

Please note that the activities in a Single Harvest Crop is generally more than the Multiple Harvest Crop.  The financial necessities also will be different as well as the man hours involved.

How much percentage of Single Harvest & Multiple Harvest crops is required?

We should have a balanced approach here and ensure that both the crops have similar percentage of land allocated to it.

The idea is to have a combination of both the crops so that we have continuous work in our farm as well as to ensure the cash flow is steady.

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