Saturday, 17 November 2012

Live / Natural Fence - Understanding the Benefits

In our Agriculture for Everybody blog series, we are going to see the understand the benefits of Live / Natural Fence.

We will delve deep into the reason why Live / Natural Fencing is a good option in the long run and will also look into some models / designs that can be applied to your farms in the next blog.

The following are some of the reasons to go for Live / Natural Fencing:-

  1. Minimizes Monetary Loss due to stray cattle and humans
  2. Increases Soil Fertility
  3. Increases Water Retention
  4. Acts as Windbreakers / Shelter Belts
  5. Increases Bio-Diversity
  6. Increases Monetary Benefit in the long run
  7. Minimal Expenses
Minimizes Monetary Loss due to stray cattle and humans
  • We have already discussed in our previous blog about this at length
Increases Soil Fertility
  • The different parts of the crops like leaves, branches, fruits, flowers etc fall into the soil automatically due to the various climatic conditions and this increases the soil fertility.  We need to ensure that the crops are able to survive in the first few years and thereafter the crops can sustain and grow by itself
Increases Water Retention
  • Even though it is true that every plant in our farm will help retain the water and improve the water table, the different crops in the Fence will further allow the roots deep into the soil and help the water to reach the bottom rather than leave the farm altogether
Acts as Windbreakers / Shelter Belts
  • Plant the trees in a V Model to ensure the wind is not allowed to travel very fast in the same direction and hence scatter the wind and reduce the speed of the wind as well
  • By planting different crops, we can ensure that different birds, bees, reptiles etc can take shelter in these areas
Increases Bio-Diversity
  • Bio-Diversity here means both in terms of crops as well as animals, birds etc.  This will help us to maintain the pests at a reasonable level and as well reduce the need to go for pesticides
  • My suggestion would be to keep only those crops in the fence areas which are not part of your core crops meaning from which you derive your sustenance
  • Assuming we have snakes in the farm, this will help to maintain/reduce the rat population to a considerable extent
  • Assuming birds build their home in this area, this will help to reduce the worms to a greater extent.  Also, birds bring seeds of different crops and this will further increase the bio-diversity in the farm. (It is our choice to remove the unwanted crops in the main area and only retain those in the fence area)
  • Assuming bees build their colonies in trees, this will help increase the pollination and help us to get better production and increased monetary benefits
  • Assuming Night Owls build their nests, this will help to keep the rats, small animals in control
  • Assuming Bats have their home, this will again help to keep the small animals in control
Increases Monetary Benefit in the long run
  • While we are having the fence for a different reason, it can also be used for different crops and also can benefit out of them
  • By doing this, we can get rarely used food as a by-product and also monetize them
  • Without our extra effort, our soil improves and this greatly benefits our main crops
Minimal Expenses
  • Generally, the other fencing options need more money when compared to Live/Natural fence.
  • By only going for seeds, cuttings, saplings etc we can greatly reduce the expenses incurred for this activity
  • We have to be clear about the fact that the Live/Natural fence will take atleast 3 years to be able to provide the kind of stability we are expecting


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